Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

What an amazing afternoon! Year Six held their Apprentice Cafe this afternoon and it was a great success!

Year Six worked in small groups to create their own product. They looked at costing and profits before deciding how to market their product to the rest of the school. Yesterday they 'pitched' their products to the whole school in a special assembly. Mr Doherty and Mr Beggs came along to support the children and give them so feedback on their product presentation.

This morning all the groups were very busy making their product ready for selling and this afternoon they opened their Apprentice Cafe. The rest of the school loved buying and sampling their products! We just need to count up their takings and work out the profits made by each group to see who would be Alan Sugar's Champions!

Well done Year Six! Special thanks to Mrs Beggs and the rest of the staff that helped, guided, supported (and made mountains jelly) with the children.