Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

Today was a lovely day to be a member of staff at Willaston School. Firstly, we all finally got the chance to meet Miss Carter's beautiful baby boy, Knox! Miss Carter's maternity leave started during lockdown so we never got to give her the send off she deserves. It was lovely to finally give Miss Carter the hugs we never got to give her before she went and equally lovely to stare at Knox, heads cocked to one side, smiling to ourselves, while he slept peacefully the whole way through!

We also went all out to throw a baby shower for the wonderful Mrs Lace, who will be starting her maternity leave during TT week! There was delicious food, super games and a great chance for staff to chat about their families and generally catch up with each other. Celebrations like this really remind me just how close we are as a staff, and how the whole school feels like a big family. There are good days and bad days at Willaston, just like there are at every school. But no matter how your day's been, you can always find someone to talk to, share with and laugh with. Not just amongst the teachers, but amongst the children as well.