Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

Today Reception Class took some time to explore our school playbin.

The playbin is one of those things that I can really get on a soapbox about as I feel it is such a vital part of our school. So I'll try my best to keep it's justification brief. As more and more of the world becomes automated, controlled and screen based, the skills needed to explore and be creative are slowly eroding away. All the best innovators in the world, are playful and creative. So by developing these skills in our young learners, we are equipping them to become creative problem solvers in later life. As well as developing problem solving skills, the size and weight of the pieces in our playbin encourage the children to work together, as without teamwork their structures cannot grow past one level.

So today we explored, we talked and we got better at using the playbin. We have already got plans for what we want to do with it tomorrow! (It's going to be a giant floor is lava course!).