Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

Year 5 were exploring ‘differences’ as part of their learning today. We looked at how people can be different in many ways, not only in their physical appearances but in many other ways. We discussed how differences can be hidden and invisible.

The children blew us away with some of their comments which we thought would be lovely to share with you.

“Differences should be celebrated”

“You don’t always see differences”

“Everyone learns differently”

“Everyone has different likes and dislikes”

“We are all unique”

“We should be grateful”

“Do I have an ability that no-one knows about?’

“I feel sad because of the abuse that some people get”

“I feel bad because people judge people before they get to know them”

“We need to be more patient”

“I hope the world changes and people realise disabilities are good not bad”

“ I fee sorry for some people as the happiest of things like a festival can seem terrifying for some”

“I feel bad because some people my get teased for their difference’

“We should all be more patient”

These comments clearly demonstrate the reflective nature of our children. We will be building on some of their comments in the near future in a Philosophy for Children (P4C) session.