Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

It was a beautiful morning at Union Mills. It was hot but a pleasant breeze made it bearable. Our football team did us proud at the inter-schools Millennium Football Tournament.
They played 7 games, won 5 and lost 2. Their attitude and the way they played was brilliant. They fought so hard and showed great sportsmanship. The Year 5 children especially, who showed great understanding in allowing the majority of the games to be played by Year 6 as it was their last year. They supported all the same.
In their group, they actually came 2nd, with 15 points, drawing with Rhumsaa. It then came down to goal difference, which unfortunately meant we went out. Undeserved really, considering how well they played.

Thank you so much to all the parents who showed such great support.