Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

We had some amazing daffodils and decorated pots brought into school. Certainly brightened up a dull week, weatherise!!!

I am so glad judging was being done by Douglas borough council, and not me!!!!!

Winners were awarded for each class.

Norwood - Reception. Best daffodil - Lexi Crellin. Best decorated pot - Bobby Rutherford

Cedar - Year 1. Best daffodil - Rosie McIver Best decorated pot - Scott Reid

Richmond - Year 2. Best daffodil - Will Gerrard Best decorated pot - Alfie McDowell

Mannin - Year 3. Best daffodil - Bobby Kewley. Best decorated pot - Jack Turton.

Barrule - Year 4. Best daffodil - Lucy McIver. Best decorated pot - George Leece.

Tynwald - Year 5. Best daffodil - Sara Quayle. Best decorated pot - Corben Kewley.

Ballanard/Baldwin - Year 6. Best daffodil - Paige Parkin. Best decorated pot - Millie Price.

Overall winners Best daffodil - Rosie McIver. Best decorated pot - Jack Turton.

Rosie and Jack will represent the school at the Town Hall. Good Luck both of you.

Thank you so much for all the effort that went into this. A huge thank you to Douglas Borough Council for making it possible and for the Easter Egg prizes.