Willaston School

Come to the edge... where all children are 'free range'

Each week there will be a blog sharing the wonderful learning taking place in school. We're so proud of our children.

Tuesday 18th May 2021


What a fantastic learning walk today.

Sensory circuits taking place outside - great ball slamming with weighted balls.

The outdoor writing area created by the children in Reception looks ready to go. Look at their blog to see it in action.

Year 1 were loving their sounds. Give them a whoosh!!!

Year 2 were speed reading some really tricky words with 'tion'. They loved the challenge of seeing how quickly they could read them.

Year 5 spent a fantastic day with The Shake Lounge - their creativity was amazing. The smell of chocolate was delicious. We can't thank the team from The Shake Longe enough. Such an experience.

Year 6 were using our zig zags to learn in the corridors. Super proud of how independent they are in managing how and where they learn.

Monday 31st May

A little late adding the second weekly blog. So much has been going on.


A walk around the classes last week saw children learning in so many different ways. The levels of engagement in what they are doing can be awe inspiring at times.

Some quiet reading in the library, a game of chess, reflecting on the brain using thinking moves - such variety.


Year 6 had a health themed week this week, where they looked at the effects of smoking and alcohol on the bodies. They presented their findings to Year 5, they were so informative.

In Reception and Year 1 you can see the engaging environments. The maths outdoor continuous provision is proving to be a great hit with the children.

In year 3 you can see how the interactive maths working wall can support children to master new concepts in maths.


Yes, we had some really wet days over the last week. It was great to see the ducks enjoying the puddles. Hopefully this weekend is a sign of things to come. Sorry ducks!!

Our team for the Cricket Tournament looked ready to go and represented us with great team work. Super proud of the way our children showcase our school at sporting events. I think you will agree the new kit looks great.

Just to show that we are all learners at Willaston! Here is a new set of reading for teachers. 'When Adults Change' gives real insight into how we, as adults, can make such a differencein how we respond to behaviours.

Well, 3 day week for the children ahead. Sports day tomorrow, with the weather looking good.

Teachers are having a staff meeting in Waterstones this week. A good read and a coffee. What could be better!!

On Friday, the children are off school whilst we are having some continued training on P4C (Philosophy for Children). Some of the greatest 'wow' moments come in listening to our children engage in P4C. Looking forward to it!!

Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Welcome to a new year at Willaston. Great to have everyone back in school.

This mornings walk around saw some great thinking has been going on during Wonder Week.