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Welcome to Mrs Burton and Mrs Lace's Blog! Have a read to see what has been going on at Willaston School!

25th March 2022


Gosh what a busy week! Viking Room is looking fabulous and its so lovely to see Morning Group making some beautiful cards the other morning in such a calm atmosphere. Also the scooters have been a big hit! It is great to see how every year group uses their scooter time differently! Some year groups have been making courses to scoot round, some years have been learning tricks and some years have been playing games on their scooters.



This week has also seen some HUGE strawberries in child's packed lunches. We couldn't believe the size of the one Theo had. Nico made the most amazing mask this week and Harry wore his birthday t-shirt to forest school - we loved how many numbers were on it!!

We had lots of children in Celebration Assembly sharing their out of school awards - everything from gymnastics to go karting to ballroom dancing. We also gave out so many certificates for swimming and for the children who took part in the Athletics competition. Miss Kennaugh said the Athletics team had done us proud by showing brilliant teamwork, great sportsmanship and being polite to everyone they met. And they came Fifth! Amazing effort!

Today we have all been to Waterstones to pick a new book each for the library. The children were so excited and the staff in Waterstones were great. Lots of new books are heading our way on Monday - blog post coming soon!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Burton and Mrs Lace

4th March 2022



So we have had a very busy first week back! We have revamped our Viking Room which has been incredibly exciting. If you fancy having a proper skeet, make sure you pop in! We have still got a few more bits to add next week...

We have had Douglas Council in judging our beautiful range of daffodils. The pots were amazing! So much time and effort went into them. Check out our Daffodil Blog Post to see the winners.

We also have had World Book Day with some fantastic costumes for dressing as an adjective. Mrs Slater excelled herself with her take on 'glittery.' A massive school book was passed around for each class to contribute to and we cannot wait to share it with the children in assembly on Tuesday as it is hilarious! We might have to post a copy of it online for you to read too.

We also had a pre-loved booksale to raise money for Flipps the Dolphin as we are raising money for Hospice and we are getting ready to paint our dolphin so it can be 'hidden' on the island for everyone to find over the summer. The designs are fabulous and we cannot wait to see the finished dolphin.

Our Junior Leadership Team have been incredibly busy too as they have met with Mrs Honeyman about all the new playbin equipment and are busy putting together an assembly for Monday to share with the children.

Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you all on Monday.

Mrs Burton and Mrs Lace

4th February 2022


Gosh last week was so busy that we didn't get a chance to do a blog post! So this week covers the last two weeks.

With Mr Ledger off last week with a sore neck, Mrs M and Mrs Lace had great fun in Reception! We got out all the bikes and the giant skipping ropes. Nancy was particularly enthusiastic in getting Mrs M to jump higher....

At Muggle club we made chocolate wands which was very exciting. We melted the chocolate to cover thick jelly snakes to create a wand shape and created our own designs with sprinkles. Mrs Burton has been very busy in Art Club and has already created a lovely display on the ramp of children's work. Miss Kennaugh's Tag Rugby club have been training very hard as they have a competition next week.

Mrs Burton has started her regular art lessons with Year Six and they are working on creating a huge class version of David Hockney's picture 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy.' Year Six have also had Mr Rout-Moore in teaching them about Googledocs as well as Ms Temple from SNHS starting their music transition. Also Carlie from Isle Listen has visited us this week to work alongside Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Yesterday Ms Kirkham and six children made the most delicious chocolate cake which was devoured by everyone! Morning Club had a lovely start to the day today as they had hot chocolate and read Mollie's books about feelings.

What a busy two weeks! We can't wait for next week as we have the Tag Rugby competition, a Year 1 trip and lots lots more going on!

Mrs Lace & Mrs Burton

21st January 2022


So Viking Club have had a very exciting week! I was lucky enough to join them on Monday when they were making coiled clay pots outside. They had great fun sculpting their little pots and making tiny models to go in them!

Ms Kirkham is back this week! She has been a very busy bee cleaning and tidying. Luckily she found time on Thursday to cook with the children and they made some lovely jam buns.

Molly has been in this week too - she has had a great time playing at playtime. With so many willing people to throw her ball, Molly has found playtimes quite tiring!

Mrs Burton started her art club this week and her focus for this half term is photography so we cannot wait to see what they come up with!

Muggle Club started this week and we began with sharing and drawing our favourite Harry Potter characters. Some people went for Sirus Black; some chose Hermione and some people even went for Draco Malfoy! Wai Wai sketched an amazing picture of Fluffy, the three-headed dog. Next week we are looking forward to making our own mandrakes!


Wai Wai and Caelan have been using their Thinking Moves to review their class book. Their ideas and thoughts about their class book 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' really impressed Mrs Burton. Year four also have generated some brilliant questions to explore in P4C after watching the video Dangle. Have a good look at the range of thoughtful questions they came up with.

What a creative week!

Mrs Lace & Mrs Burton

14th January 2022


This week we have seen Year 5 film some brilliant videos of their adaptations of Cinderella - some real budding actors! Year 6 had Junior Achievement in on Thursday for lots of different activities and it was so exciting to see Mrs Lewis come back to join in.

Our lovely Ms Kirkham is absent this week so Mrs McCrory and Miss Marshall baked scones with a small group of children - they were very tasty. 3fm came to see us with our certificate for Runner Up for their Christmas Carol Competition. We are incredibly proud of our choir and the certificate is now displayed in school.

Mrs Burton is getting to be an expert at online assemblies so we had our Celebration Assembly via Teams this week. We had so many swimming certificates!

Morning club had a great session this morning sharing Charlie-Jack's book about Captain Tom. They listened to Ms McAdam read his life story and then they had some great discussion about what Captain Tom did during lockdown.

What a busy week!

Mrs Lace

7th January 2022


What a cracking first week back after Christmas. This week Year 1 have been learning their new text 'The Three Little Pigs' and they have been sharing lots of different ways to retell the story. It was great to see some of their story maps and their acting. I particular enjoyed Skye's retell when she used wooden figures to tell the story and she even remembered all the actions that went with it.

Year Four shared with me that they had a great hockey lesson this week with Miss Kennaugh and when I popped up to class they were busy doing electric circuits. Year Six have been busy writing persuasive letters about The Venture Centre and I am looking forward to reading the finished pieces. Mr Ledger has been very busy creating a new Thinking Moves display...watch this space as I'm sure he'll do his own blog about it.

It was lovely to see so many children following our Fair, Respect, Safe values - one that particularly stood out this week was Charlie who saw someone drop some rubbish and with out prompting, he picked it up and went to the nearest bin. When asked why he had done that, Charlie replied 'because it needed doing and our school should be tidy.' What a role model!

It has been such a lovely first week back after my maternity leave and I cannot wait to see what adventures this term brings us at Willaston.

Mrs Lace


Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Welcome to a new year at Willaston. Great to have everyone back in school.

This mornings walk around saw some great thinking has been going on during Wonder Week.


Tuesday 18th May 2021


What a fantastic learning walk today.

Sensory circuits taking place outside - great ball slamming with weighted balls.

The outdoor writing area created by the children in Reception looks ready to go. Look at their blog to see it in action.

Year 1 were loving their sounds. Give them a whoosh!!!

Year 2 were speed reading some really tricky words with 'tion'. They loved the challenge of seeing how quickly they could read them.

Year 5 spent a fantastic day with The Shake Lounge - their creativity was amazing. The smell of chocolate was delicious. We can't thank the team from The Shake Longe enough. Such an experience.

Year 6 were using our zig zags to learn in the corridors. Super proud of how independent they are in managing how and where they learn.

Monday 31st May

A little late adding the second weekly blog. So much has been going on.


A walk around the classes last week saw children learning in so many different ways. The levels of engagement in what they are doing can be awe inspiring at times.

Some quiet reading in the library, a game of chess, reflecting on the brain using thinking moves - such variety.


Year 6 had a health themed week this week, where they looked at the effects of smoking and alcohol on the bodies. They presented their findings to Year 5, they were so informative.

In Reception and Year 1 you can see the engaging environments. The maths outdoor continuous provision is proving to be a great hit with the children.

In year 3 you can see how the interactive maths working wall can support children to master new concepts in maths.


Yes, we had some really wet days over the last week. It was great to see the ducks enjoying the puddles. Hopefully this weekend is a sign of things to come. Sorry ducks!!

Our team for the Cricket Tournament looked ready to go and represented us with great team work. Super proud of the way our children showcase our school at sporting events. I think you will agree the new kit looks great.

Just to show that we are all learners at Willaston! Here is a new set of reading for teachers. 'When Adults Change' gives real insight into how we, as adults, can make such a differencein how we respond to behaviours.

Well, 3 day week for the children ahead. Sports day tomorrow, with the weather looking good.

Teachers are having a staff meeting in Waterstones this week. A good read and a coffee. What could be better!!

On Friday, the children are off school whilst we are having some continued training on P4C (Philosophy for Children). Some of the greatest 'wow' moments come in listening to our children engage in P4C. Looking forward to it!!