Willaston School

Behaviour values: fair, respect, safe. This is how we do it here.

At Willaston school we believe that in order to raise aspirations and expectations we need to :-

* expect the best from ourselves and others

* have high standards in behaviour, appearance, presentation, environment

*challenge children and take them to the edge of their capabilities, and in doing so encourage children to challenge themselves

* enable children to learn independently, applying skills they have learnt

* be brave enough and informed enough to take considered risks

* be engaged enough to question

* inform and engage parents in the learning taking place

* provide opportunities for parents to further their own learning

Blog (latest activity)

Firefighters in Year 1!
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Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon learning about the important job that David and Sean have as firefighters. We spoke about the importance of staying away from fires and what to do in an emergency. We learnt about what firefighters do and practised 'stop, drop and roll' to keep ourselves safe. We pr…

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Thinking Grooves in EYFS
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You may or may not have heard your child talking about learning their "Thinking Moves" at school. For those of you who have heard the phrase but not known much about it, "Thinking Moves" is a special series of words and phrases that help us to talk effectively about what steps we need to take to ov…

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Girl's Football club
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Today saw our first session of Girl's football club this year. A club that will be continuing every Tuesday lunchtime until Easter. The girls who made it today were absolutely brilliant and I hope they would all agree that we had a great time! Today's session focused on some skill builder games for…

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