Willaston School

Behaviour values: fair, respect, safe. This is how we do it here.

Willaston Primary School is located in the City of Douglas in the Isle of Man. Willaston School forms the beating heart of the Willaston Community, providing education for children from the ages of 4 to 11, Reception to Year 6.

At Willaston School we believe that in order to raise aspirations and expectations we should expect the best from ourselves and others; have high standards in behaviour, appearance, presentation and environment; challenge children and take them to the edge of their capabilities, and in doing so encourage children to challenge themselves; enable children to learn independently, applying the skills that they have learned; be brave enough and informed enough to take considered risks; be engaged enough to question; inform parents and carers about the learning that is taking place; and provide opportunities for parents to further their own learning.

We offer you a warm welcome to the Willaston School Family and look forward to meeting you and your children as they embark upon their exciting journey with us.

Maxim Kelly, Executive Headteacher

Blog (latest activity)

Moon Zoom Mystery in Year 1!
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Year 1 has had an exciting start to the week! On Monday afternoon, we heard an almighty BANG. We looked outside and spotted an unusual object in our secret garden. We spent the afternoon looking, wondering and discussing what had happened. As a team, we spotted clues and evidence to help us share o…

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Ms Kirkham's last day!
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School as it was Ms Kirkham's last day as she has now retired. The children created a guard of honour for her last home time which she absolutely loved, even if she was a bit emotional. We will all miss her so much. Ms Kirkham is joining us on Friday for a special assembly to celebrate her amazing…

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