Willaston School

Behaviour values: fair, respect, safe. This is how we do it here.

About Us

Willaston Primary School is situated to the north west of Douglas. It serves a large catchment area of mainly local authority housing with some relatively new owner-occupied properties. A major regeneration project is currently underway in the area. The school rolls averages around the 200 mark, organised into seven classes. Frees school meals, and the number of children on the special needs register is well above the Isle of Man average.

The school opened in 1955. The buildings are set in extensive grounds adjacent to University College Isle of Man (UCM).

Our Team

Executive Headteacher
Mr Maxim Kelly

Head of School
Mrs Beth Lace

Assistant Head of School
Mrs Alison Honeyman
Barbara Brereton - Chair of Governing Body
Lee Price - Co-opted Governor
Lulu Gillow - Co-opted Governor
Toby Smith - Parent Governor
Betyh Lace -
Teacher Governor
Teaching Staff
Abbie Irving
Leah Adams
Zairah Nissa
Megan Johns
Angela Gerrard
Shelley Rutter
Kate Williams
Mary Thompson
Nicola Boylan
Claire Piercy
Fiona Bousfield

Support Staff
Sue Brain
Sue McCrory
Annemarie Rees
Vickie Dignan
Kate Marshall
Helen Cowin
Emma Devereau
Erin Dobbie

Child and Family Support Worker
Andrea McAdam
Julie Slater

Caretaking Team
Dan Wade
Jane Adams
Stacey Kewley
Kitchen Staff
Faye Gildea
Stacey Kewley

Ancillary Support
Pete Corrin
Jade Downey
Helen Cowin
Claire Carson